+ Do you give out RAW photos?

I believe that editing is half the magic. You wouldn’t want a bakery to give you a half-baked cake.

+ What happens if it's raining cats and dogs and not in a fun way? Do we reschedule?

If it's not something we can work around or work with- then we can definitely hold you retainer down for another date and get you back on the books!

+ Do you offer payment plans?

I require a 50% non-refundable retainer fee when booking in order to hold the date of the shoot. The remaining 50% is due by the day before the shoot. If you would like a further payment plan, let's chat!

+ What is your turnaround time?

Weddings typically have a 6 week turnaround, and all other shoots you can expect 3-4 weeks! Sometimes I like to surprise ya though ;)

+ What if we’ve never had our picture taken before?

That's okay! I provide you with plenty of resources to make you feel comfortable before the shoot. I am always available for questions or what you need.

+ Can you edit me in photoshop?

I'm a firm believer in body positivity. My job is to tell a story through documenting, which means not altering things that wouldn't be there circumstantially (like a pimple, skin discoloration, etc). But you don't have to ask twice if you want to me to photoshop in a giant corgi puppy

+ How many images do we get?

It depends on the package and shoot of choice, but I promise to always include all the images I think you would love and are the best work I have to offer. Once you shoot with me you'll learn- I am shutter happy. I love to get as many photos as possible because I don't want to miss a thing!





+ What are travel fees and how much do they cost?

Whenever you inquire about services 30 miles outside of Kansas City, then there is an additional travel fee cost. These can look different depending if you are a flight away or a drive away. I don't believe in sending a detailed list of all my gas, food, etc costs. I am a bargain hunter when it comes to flights and hotels, while still keeping my comfort/safety in mind!

These look different for your service + location, so make sure to message me to get the most accurate price!

+ How do I get the images?

Once your gallery is ready, I upload it to an online platform where you can download them directly to your phone or computer from anywhere + anytime!

+ What do we wear?

This is actually a very important question. I want you to have photos that feel like you, which means you need to dress like you. There is no right or wrong answer. I have a few tricks and tips for getting the most of your shoot to create beautiful, cohesive photos. Read more about it.

Dress me!

+ Where are you based out of?

Kansas City, Missouri! I am available for travel nationally + internationally.

+ Do I need a second shooter for my wedding?

This is at the discretion of each couple. I always recommend having a second shooter at your wedding for a variety of reasons. Think of a second shooter as an insurance policy. Say that Aunt Becky decides to body slam me the moment you kiss at the alter, you'll have an Aunt Becky-body slam photo AND a close-up photo from the second shooter. But in all seriousness, it gives you more to choose from. A wedding day is full of emotions and movement, and it's much easier to capture all of it with a second shooter. It can add a lot to your final gallery in terms of the number of images and the angles/options you receive.

+ Do I have to order prints through you?

You don't! Buuuutttttttt.... I highly recommend it. Back in the good ole days before I was a photographer I would always order my prints from Walgreens and CVS, then I would wonder why they came out blurry and weirdly saturated?

Where you print from is important! I order them directly from print shops that use the highest quality inks and papers to make sure that your photos look like how they're suppose to.

+ Will we be featured on a blog or in a magazine?

When I send over your contract there will also be a print release form. When you sign that bad boy then you're allowing me to submit the best images of your day to be featured in publications. This is just a way for photographers to recognize other photographers within the industry and get the word out about my work. However, I understand not everyone wants their day featured for many people to see, which is why I send you a print release form!

Still have questions?

Shoot me an email and let's chat.